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Workout Wednesday

Well my workout today went much better than Monday so I’m happy. On Wed I run for 30 mins and then do ab machines. It just felt good to stretch and move my body. I do usually have to work a little harder to make myself get up and go to the gym on Wednesdays though. Since it’s mostly running and we have a treadmill at the house there is the allure of staying in bed with the promise to run here. The problem with that promise is that I always break it. I always get tied up with the kiddos or cleaning or whatever other excuse I can come up with. So I have stopped kidding myself with that excuse and just get up and go.

While running at the gym they have a ton of TVs in front of the treadmills and other aerobic machines. I got sucked into Tori and Dean on Oxygen. It’s a little scary that I enjoyed watching the show and feel my brain has turned that much more into mush. However, btw the show and my music I felt really upbeat and didn’t watch my time on the treadmill like I normally do. I’m one of those people who prefer to run outside hands down to running on a treadmill. However, I don’t do the cold weather so I’m in the gym until the spring and summer time. I like running outside because it rarely get’s boring. You see all kinds of things, you breathe in fresh air and listen to the sounds of the world. I guess that’s why the gym has tons of TVs so you can  yourself that way. I usually try to ignore them because I always get stuck in front of the TV that has country music or Denise Austin. Now I love country music, I was raised in the south afterall. But I do not find it very motivating to run too. Hearing a sad melody about how somebody done somebody wrong never get’s me pumping. On the other hand on the days I’m stuck in front of Denise I tend to get queasy. She’s just way to perky for me. I know I’m offending some of you with that critique but my God she’s scary happy.

So that was my morning. On another exciting note my weight is back down. I have really watched what I ate for the past couple of days and tried to up my water intake – so sweet! So which do you prefer – running inside on the treadmill or grooving outside in the world?

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10 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday

  1. I would much prefer to run outside for all of the reasons you listed ~ treadmills are sooooo boring. But it sounds like you were really motivated ~ yay!

    Oh, and I love Tori and Dean 😉

  2. I’m new to running and so far I prefer the controlled environment of a treadmill. I like to know how far I’ve run and how long I’ve been at it — but I imagine I’ll get bored sooner or later and prefer to run outside.

    Thanks again for the playlist ideas – they are perfect! Maybe they’ll inspire me to try an outside run this weekend 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked the playlist! One good thing about running on the treadmill is that it is easier on your knees. I notice that after running on the road for awhile my knees hurt a bit and they rarely do on the treadmill. Glad you stopped by.

  3. We skipped our morning run here, because it was cold and rainy.. I’m hoping the weather will be a little better this afternoon. It’s hard to force ourselves out there in this weather! But there’s no room here for a treadmill, and no extra time to drive to a gym (we’re pretty rural) so I guess I better find gloves and a hat. 🙂

    1. I love your name! So great. Whew. I don’t like running outside in bad or cold weather. I heard one runner say that a cold runner is a poorly dressed runner but I don’t buy into that! I like it around 60 degrees atleast to run. Good luck!! I don’t know how long your hair is but has a cute winter beanie with a pony tail hole.

    1. I often think I’m more of a jogger than a runner also b/c I’m so slow. Everyone else zooms past me; even Grandma’s and Grandpa’s! Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to seeing your organic site. I’m always looking for ways to make my “foot print” smaller. We just got back from the farmers market; which is something I really enjoy.

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