New Workout Schedule For This Week – Updated!

OK, so as you know I’m going to 2 different gyms this week. Here is my new workout schedule. I’m going to see how it works and if it will turn into a more long term workout plan.

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Old gym did 30 mins elliptical and 20 minutes of ab work (already done)

Tuesday – New gym. Total Body Strength training.  It’s at 9:45am so I get to sleep in! (done!)

Wednesday – New gym. High NRG TRX. I believe this is high energy TRX. Click here for a demo. Didn’t go. Check out my post on Parent Palace to see about giving yourself a break.

Thursday – New gym. Kettle balls/boot camp. (done)

Friday – either New gym – Kickboxing class or Old gym – running. Depends on how I feel and if I can still move after some of these classes. (didn’t make it, the kids and I were sick last night and I just couldn’t get up this morning)

Saturday – New gym Boot camp class – didn’t make it b/c hubby had to go into work early. 🙁

So I’ll have to see how this works for me. It might be too much or just right.  Stayed tuned for the exciting developments. 😉

-Update:  I liked this schedule but just wasn’t able to completely pull it off this week. Hopefully next week I will be able to.  I’ll keep you posted. I know the gym will be adding a new schedule for June so my schedule might get changed again.  I participate in the 400 mile fitness challenge. So if you’re from there I got in 13 miles this week..

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12 thoughts on “New Workout Schedule For This Week – Updated!

  1. Get it momma!! I admire you because I don’t work out at all…smh. Being a sahm mom of twins may have a little something to do with it! lol

    Stopping by from the Where are you Wednesday blog hop!

    ~Stay blessed!

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