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What We’re Eating This Week

As you know I’m trying to eat healthier.  I certainly don’t always succeed.  Here’s what I’m eating this week to try to eat better.

For Breakfast I’ll be eating several different things:

Turkey Sausage, egg and cheese Burrito – See recipe below.

Oatmeal and fruit

Slimfast and fruit


PB&J sandwiches

Lean Cuisines



Whole-Wheat Banana and Choc Chip Bread – I got this recipe from Money Saving Mom.  I used 3 bananas. I was worried the bananas would be overpowering but it was just the right amount. Love it!


Monday – Grilled Mushroom with Feta, stuffed jalapenos

Tuesday – Hamburgers with a salad

Wednesday – Ham and Chicken Salad

Thursday – Ragu

Friday – Out

Turkey Sausage, Egg and Cheese Burrito Recipe:

Serves 3 the way I made this. You can add or subtract depending on how many people are eating it.

1/2 a bag of Turkey sausage crumbles. It has 60 % less fat

4 eggs scrambled

handful of reduced-fat shredded cheddar cheese.

5 small burrito size wraps.

I scrambled the eggs. When the eggs were close to firming up I added the sausage and the cheese. Finished cooking the mixture. I put the burritos into the microwave btw 2 moist paper towels for 15 seconds to warm them up.  My rule with adding things like the cheese (and spices)  is I add until it looks pretty in the pan. I put the filling in the wrap, rolled it up and served it. Yumm.  I also serve this with fruit. Now I used real eggs and cheese if you want to make this meal even healthier you can use just egg whites or egg substitute. You can also change the cheese out to fat-free cheese. My husband doesn’t like egg substitute so I didn’t bother using it.

I participate in Orjunkie’s menu planning..

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    1. OOps I totally forgot to list the Turkey sausage brand – Jimmy Dean. I found it in the bacon/sausage section of Food Lion. It’s in a red bag It says Hearty Sausage Crumbles – Turkey 60% less fat than pork. It has 80 calories and about 5 servings per container. I actually think it has atleast 5 servings.

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