Review and Giveaway of Bondi Bands!!-Closed

I was very lucky to receive for review a headband from Bondi Bands.  I got a black head band with a glow in the dark picture and message. Mine was perfect for me – Wanna Race and the picture is of a turtle.  You know that’s my motto when running, slow and steady. The first thing that sets these headbands apart is the fact that they are wide and I mean wide.

I wore the band to my kickboxing class and am happy to report it stayed in place perfectly. Their motto No Slip, No Drip was right on. It kept my hair nice and orderly and helped with the massive amounts of perspiration I usually have during workouts.  The one thing I will say is that the glow in the dark part didn’t glowthat brightly but that really wasn’t that big of a deal to me.  One neat thing about these headbands is that you can wear them wide or you can fold them over several times and make them only about 1/4 of their normal width.  I’m heading to the beach this summer for a mini vacation and this will def go with me. I’m hoping it will calm the crazy beach hair I get. That’s asking a lot of it but I’m sure it will do the job! 🙂

I was stoked with my black headband b/c it will go with all my different colored workout clothing but if you like something brighter they have something for everyone’s taste. They have about every bright design you could think of, a whole line of solid colors, headbands for guys, headbands for children (can’t wait to get my son the soccer one!), bands for your dogs that slip over their collars and my other favorite is their ponytail hats. I can’t wait to get one for the cooler months. Some of their bands have inspirational messages. What’s neat about that is if you are running a race with several people you can all wear the same one and really rock it out like a team. They even have one’s with Tiara’s!

If you can’t wait until the contest is over to get yours right now at Bondi Bands for a super low price of $8.00! They even have a sale section where some bands are only $3. Hint if you love the movie Twilight there are some bands for you!

If you want to try your hand at winning this (remember the message above – we got this!) just do the following steps:

Mandatory Entry – Leave me a comment saying which awesome band you would like to rock.

Extra Entries –

Like me on facebook. +1

Like Bondi Bands on facebook. +1

Leave them a message on their facebook saying I sent you (this one’s easy b/c you’re already their liking them ). +1

Follow me on Twitter +1

Follow Bondi Bands on Twitter +1

Subscribe to my blog +3 (right side of my blog)

Sign up to their newsletter +3 (Lower right hand corner)

Good luck! Contest ends July 6th at 5pm..

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  1. I”m reading about Bondi Bands a lot! They sound like the biggest thing since sliced bread!

    I’m going to add you to my blogroll: I love finding other running moms.

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