How I Organize My Daughter’s Hair Bows and Saved Money Doing It

I love to buy hair bows for my daughter. She’s pretty girly and I love it! I have been buying her the cutest little hair bows and throwing them in a box. Her bday is coming up and she will be getting a bunch more.  I have been throwing them in a box.  I kept forgetting which ones she had or I would forget to put them on her when we left because they were in a box. You know, out of sight out of mind.

When I was looking at bday hair bows I noticed one of the sights had a cute bow hanger. I almost bought it b/c I thought it was cute and smart. I walked into my daughter’s room to think about where to hang it when it dawned on me that I could just use one of her curtain tie backs. It already matches her room perfectly and we weren’t using it anyway. 

So I grabbed my trusty hammer and a nail and hung it up beside her dresser. I put one of her big bows at the top to hide the nail and make it look “finished”.  If she gets too many bows for this hanger I’ll just grab her other curtain tie-back. If you don’t have curtain tie-backs you could use, how about a pretty ribbon? With my trick I saved about $10 and I put something to use that was just lying around. Win-Win!

For more organizing tips check Orgjunkie’s site..

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12 thoughts on “How I Organize My Daughter’s Hair Bows and Saved Money Doing It

  1. I make bows and another good time is Micheals or Walmart has cute little wood pieces in different shapes..some painted some not… (make it a art project) Take those and staple or hot glue a 7/8″ ribbon to the back and hang 🙂 Also try Attaching ribbon around bottom of hangers … you can get 3 lines of bows on one hanger…Hope my ideas helped too 🙂

  2. I’ve made the bow holders using the wooden initials with ribbon before, but this idea is super cute and too EASY. I love it!

    Amy @

  3. What a great idea! Of course my daughter is grow up now:( Have a great weekend and thanks for joining Footloose and Fancy Free!

  4. Great idea! Now, I don’t know how this happened but when I got here I realized I was following you on Facebook but not thru GFC! Don’t know how that could have happened! I normally check GFC off first then search for FB and Twitter. Maybe it was thru a Facebook only blog hop??? Anyway, I am now following on all of them so all is well in the end. I don’t know at this point what you might be following so all I can do is ask that you check. I would especially love a follow on GFC and Facebook. Thanks so very much for your help and have a great weekend.


  5. my hubby freaks about anything hanging so we wrap the door and it is decorative for the door of the little sisters room

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