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Motivational Friday – My Warrior Dash Results!

So Hurrican Irene didn’t stop us from running the Warrior Dash.

I am really excited to say that while the obstacles were harder than any other obstacle course I’ve run there weren’t any that I couldn’t physically do. Carina, Jeff (my hubby) and I all ran the race while Carina’s little man took pictures of us.  Carina and I decided to have some fun with this race and we sprayed pink in our hair and wore the same outfit. Here we are striking a pose before the race starts (I’m the one on the left). Look how clean we look.

Here’s the break down of our times:

Me – Finished 53:07 with a pace of 17:35. I finished 293 out of 562 in my age group. I always seem to finish middle of the pack.

Carina – Finished 1:03 with a pace of 21:06. She finished 458 out of 556 in her age group. Yes we’re in different age groups and yes I’m the old woman here.

Jeff – Finished 42:03 with a pace of 13:55. He finished 204 out of 483 in his age group. My little man totally rocked.

Here’s Jeff jumping over the fire obstacle right before the big mud pit and finish line.





Here I am about to climb this big bad boy (middle bottom). I had no problem climbing up or down this thing it was at the top that I struggled. I had just come out of the water pit where you cross logs and I was wet and the boards were very slippery. I discovered during this race that I have a slight issue with heights. I had a guy behind me yelling for me to watch my foot placements which didn’t help my calm at all. I managed to do it but it was obstacles like this that really slowed my time down.  Not because I couldn’t do them physically but the mental fear of falling was tough to over come.

As you can see I did make it. 🙂

After this I jumped over the fire. Unfortunately there’s not a good picture of me doing this but it was alot of fun and I did it with some gusto.



Here I am crawling through the mud under barbed wire. It never got that deep and I didn’t think it was all that. I did the USMC Mud run earlier this year and it’s mud pit was deep and fun. You could almost swim through it.




Here we are at the end. We even got little warrior helmet medals.





The course was hard but nothing I couldn’t physically do. They start you running for about 3/4 of a mile through a field before you get to any obstacles. The first one you come to is an over and under deal. You have to jump over waist-high walls and then under barbed wire and then repeat for about 5 or 6 times.  That was certainly doable.

Then you run alittle more until you come to the dumpster/tires obstacles.  This one takes the fire out of you so to speak. It was alot of upper body strength for me. I had no trouble with the tires and I ran/tip-toed right through them. I don’t think I could have looked more girly!

After the tires you come to a wall that you have to use a rope to climb over.  I was alittle worried about this one and for a brief second thought about walking around. I’m so glad I didn’t b/c I was able to breeze through it. I guess all of those arm drills in my kickboxing class have really paid off.

The next part was just alot of running. I will admit that I walked from about the mile and half mark to alittle over the 2 mile mark. I got really overheated. I didn’t nearly hydrate enough before the race and got very dizzy.  I kept moving but it certainly slowed me down. I was certainly not alone in walking. Most of the people around me seemed to be struggling.  It’s a good lesson that I won’t soon forget. Hydrate, Hydrate!

Up next was a rope netting obstacle. You had to climb up pretty high and then cross the ropes about the distance of a tennis court. This obstacle slowed me down more than any other one. I climbed up with no problem but then really became a chicken at the top. I just couldn’t figure out a good way to go over it. Now logically there was not way to fall through, I mean my leg would have fit through a hole but not my whole body.  I finally crossed it on my hands and knees which I paid for for several days afterwards.

One funny obstacle was the pole obstacle.  You climbed up a wall and then stepped out grabbed a pole and go down like a fireman. Well, not having much experience with poles (no snickering please, this is a family friendly site) I wrapped my thighs around and tried to slide down. What people heard was my skin being rubbed raw as I SLOWLY slid down. A woman behind me said, “Ouch!”. You have no idea lady. 🙂

The one obstacle I heard the most about was one that wasn’t technically hard at all.  It was simply a 4 man wide super dark tunnel that you had to crawl through.  By the time you reached the middle you were in complete pitch black. Apparently I’m not the only adult who still has discomfort with the dark places b/c I heard guys and girls talking about how hard that was. Makes me feel better.

After having a couple of days to look back on the race I’ve come to the conclusion that I like smaller race venues better. This one was fun but it was so commercialized I felt alittle icky about it. Most of your races are for some kind of charity so you feel that while you’re mostly there to have fun you still are doing some good. Not this one. It’s all about the money; which is fine just not as nice.  As mentioned before I did the USMC Mud Run earlier this year and it supported the Wounded Warrior Project. I felt so good about that fact that it made the race seem that much more special. I liked the Warrior Dash but I’m not sure I’ll ever do it again just because it was so commercialized. Well, that’s my two-cents anyway. I hope you have a fun and active Labor day weekend! Are you doing any racing? I would love to hear about it!!


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