Make Fun and Frugal Turkeys Footprint Crafts with the Kiddos

I love using my kids hand and footprints to make cute crafts. They are fun to make and the kids really get a big kick out of it.  I also don’t believe it should cost a bundle of money to do crafts with your children. They won’t know the difference or care if you spend $5 on supplies or $20.  I usually try to find supplies from around the house to use.

Brown Construction paper – for body
Orange Construction paper – for beak
finger paint – I used yellow and red
googly eyes or you can just draw them on.
background paper
black paint (or crayon or pen – whatever you have)

Step 1: Trace your child’s foot. We have several grandparents and friends who like my kids crafts so after cutting out the footprint I then used it to cut out a bunch more. If your child is older you can have them cut out the footprints.

Step 2: Glue the “body” to your background paper. I had a doodle pad so that’s what I used. You have to make sure the paint you use will show-up so use a light color.

Step 3: Squirt a bunch of finger paint on your childs hand in the first color and press them on the paper to make the “feathers”. The older the child the prettier this will look I imagine. Mine are 2 and 4 so it was a little messy. My 2 year old kept wanting to rub her hand around so it wasn’t very exact.

Step 4: Repeat with second color. Try to make sure they overlap so each color shows up.

Step 5: Stick on the googly eyes.

Step 6: I cut little beaks from orange construction paper. I just kept cutting the corners. I had my son put them on all the birds.

Step 7: Paint on the legs

Step 8: Let dry and then hang up and/or give to grandparents as a special Thanksgiving treat.

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