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Running with a Girlfriend

I was excited today to go running even though it was a half hour earlier than my normal zero dark thirty time. One of my neighborhood friends asked me if I was still running during a play date and asked if she could go with me. I said absolutely! I think running with someone makes things so much easier.  She’s taller than me and has what seemed like mile long legs going by her strides. I thought Chubbs set a brutal pace but he’s nothing compared to her.  I knew I was going to be in trouble during our warm up phase with how fast she went.

We’re still doing the couch 2 5k plan and since she hasn’t been running in awhile we started on week 3 where you walk 3 minutes and then run 3 minutes 3 times.  It was great fun running with a person because we were able to talk about shows we are watching like the season finale of Walking Dead. Holy cow! The other good thing about walking with a buddy over by yourself or even with a dog is that my competitive side won’t let me ask her to slow down or take it easy.  With Chubbs I can dictate to some degree how fast we go but with a girlfriend I can’t be the one to call out Uncle so it pushes me harder. I have to say it seems to go faster when running with someone else also.

I felt really good running this morning.  I don’t know if it didn’t feel like quite the struggle because I’ve been doing the Chalean Extreme weight lifting program for a week now. I really enjoy it. She’s the right amount of motivation without being way to perky.  There are some instructors I just can’t take early in the morning because they are just to perky. I’ve already lost a pound since starting it and reorganized my pantry based on her recommendations.

So this is how I started my workout this week. I still need to do my Chalean workout later today. Smaller jean size here I come!


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