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Organizing My Refrigerator to Be More Figure Friendly

As some of you know who read my blog regularly I recently organized my pantry to be more figure friendly and keep me on the right track for losing weight. I have been wanting to do the same thing for my fridge ever since and was finally able to Sunday. It was a mess and to be honest I didn’t know alot of what was hiding in there. I had already started unloading my refrigerator when I took this picture. I always remember late to whip out my camera.  As you can see I don’t have a nice big refrigerator.  We bought this for a rental house we were living in a couple of years ago and just can’t find a good enough excuse or reason to buy a nice big fridge.  Sigh.

Anyway back to how I’m organizing my fridge. My main objective was to get all the healthy foods and snacks up front and center so that’s what you see when you first open the door. That way there are no excuses for not eating a healthy snack or meal. I also wanted to make meal prep as convenient as possible.

We went to the farmers market Saturday and picked up fruit and veggies.  I decided to cut up all of these strawberries and prepare them for different meals or snacks.  I washed everything and put a bunch in one of my Food Saver fruit containers. I know washing fruits can be risky b/c of they will mold so much faster but this container really helps to prevent that. So I chopped  several containers and sealed them in.  This way when someone wants a snack they can just reach in and grab some.   It’s been several days and so far everything seems as fresh as when I first cut it up.



I did the watermelon the same way. I only have two of the FS containers and I used my other one for veggies so the watermelon had to go in a regular container. I ate the last of it today and it was fine.

As mentioned I used my other FS container for veggies. I chopped up everything into how I would serve it or cook with it and through it into the container. I also did things like shuck the corn so that it would be ready to throw on the grill. By doing all the work before hand there aren’t too many excuses during the week for not cooking a healthy meal. The white ball on top of the corn is a turnip we got from the farmers market. My hubs said he wanted to eat it sliced raw and I also heard they make good mashed potatoes so I might give that a try. I went ahead and peeled it so my husband would reach for it instead of chips as a snack.

The most out of date item I found was a wheel of cheese with an expiration of  Sept 18, 2011. It made me feel so bad that I had let several things go to waste but hopefully my new system will prevent that from now on.

I threw things away based on this criteria:

  • expired – obvious reasons
  • really unhealthy – we’re all trying to eat better and having unhealthy items everywhere won’t help us in our goal.


So drum roll please….. here’s my new refrigerator. I tried to move all healthy snacks like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries up front and in your face. I also have our yogurt near them (got cut off in the pic). There really is only a single layer of food and not too much behind what you see. I’m going to try to keep it that way so that things don’t get lost and forgotten. I can tell you the fruit strategy is working. My kids discovered and finished off the blueberries before the end of the day.  I  also did my freezer. I cleaned it out. I put all my frozen meals together on top and my meats and smoothie and frozen berries on the other side of the bottom section.

So there you have it. These are my strategies for making my refrigerator more figure friendly for everyone in my family.


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4 thoughts on “Organizing My Refrigerator to Be More Figure Friendly

  1. I saw on Pinterest if you have the glass shelves in your frig, if you get some Glad Press and Seal wrap, you can put it on your clean shelves, and any mess that gets on it you can peel it up and throw it away. Keeps shelves clean.

    1. That’s a great idea jean. I had to really scrub a couple of spots and I’m all for making things easier on myself.

  2. Great job! I organized my freezer a few months ago, I used plastic bins to keep “like” items together. Doing that has made it easier for my husband to find things and now we don’t have four open bags of spinach at the same time!
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