Working Out

Part Puffer Fish Part Woman

So here’s my Monday morning head scratcher. There are some days when I’m not sure if I’m more woman or more puffer fish.  What do I mean by that? Have you ever woken up and looked in the mirror and quickly turned the lights off? That’s me most mornings b/c I look so puffy. I’m not sure why but if I get on the scale first thing I weigh more than if I wait a few hours and get on the scale mid morning.  Odd right? I’ve always heard to weigh yourself first thing in the morning but for some reason I most take in salt or water from somewhere while I’m sleeping and I just puff up.  It must creep up the sides of my bed at night when I’m sleeping and get me.

So if you see a puffer fish in the morning walking down the street just smile politely and keep walking.  I would hate to roll you over.

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