Protect Your Online Reputation

I had a scare today. Google emailed my gmail account and said someone from another country had just tried to hack my account. My husband had it happen to his earthlink account earlier this year and the person sent out terrible emails from his account and he had business associates and everything in his address book.  Although from some of the horrors I’ve heard an email hack is the least of your online worries. You have stalkers and potentially damaging pictures surfacing.  That’s why I love the idea of Reputation.com.

Reputation.com helps both individuals and companies. They help you by:

  • Protecting your identity from theft
  • Stop companies from selling your personal information
  • They keep removing your data from sites that might sell it
  • They find existing posts out there about you
  • They send you alerts when something is posted

You can sign up to receive a free rep check.  They search social media sites like Facebook and linkedin.  They also search Google, bing and yahoo.  Plus lots of other websites.  The other reason I like Reputation.com is because it helps protect our kids. With content being posted like mad by everyone you’ll be able to monitor your child’s rep.

So it’s worth checking out and protecting yourself.

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