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Losing Myself in My Run

20150817_063809Last week I started back at the gym.  I have been doing mostly at home workouts lately because I love them. However I hurt my elbows May 2014 and have been really suffering ever since.  I finally went to a sports medicine Doctor in June of this year and the best guess the doctor could give me was maybe overuse or tennis elbow.  Since I like to do free weights but have been unable to because of my elbows my muscle tone has suffered abit.  So I decided a gym where I could swim and use their weight machines for my legs was my best bet.  I still will be doing my home workouts like Cize and Turbo Jam most days but now I will be able to do weights again also.  I can’t tell you how much I have missed them.

I got a nice run in this morning plus did the weight machines for legs. Last week when I ran the first time on the treadmill my pace ranged btw 4.5 and 5.5. I upped my pace to 6 for most of the time when I was running today. I was listening to Eminem’s song Lose Yourself towards the end when I was trying to decide whether to do a sprint section or just a cool down. I had been working harder for a longer time and my side was starting to feel like it had a stitch. His song came on and as I was listening to the words I realized like the song’s character I had a choice. I could either go cool down and do the usual or I could lose myself in the run and grab it so I pumped the speed up to 6.5 and sprinted for 2 minutes. My goals was 1 minute but I just wanted to push hard.

I have been hearing that to get the best fat burn you should do weights first and then cardio but honestly I worry that I won’t have it in my legs to run for very long if I do alot of weights first so I kept to my old tradition of running first and then the machines.  While on one of the machines today I saw a man that had to be in his 80’s doing pull-ups.  It was one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in a while.  When he was done I wanted to run up and get a selfie with him but didn’t want to seem like some crazy woman. lol  He proves that you can be a bad a$$ no matter what your age.

And if you’re wondering yes I’m totaling wearing a Wonder Woman tshirt.  I figure you can’t wimp out on your workout when you’re wearing a shirt like that. 🙂

Did you own your workout today? If not you still have time.

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