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Funny Things This Mom Thinks About At the Gym

20150817_065702As you know I’ve been going to the gym alot more.  My schedule is MWF there for an hour.  I work out at home TTH and on the weekends.  Most of my friends know that I’m a bit of a germaphobe.  I don’t like the idea of touching germy things or getting sick because someone near me touched a bunch of things I have too.  There are several chest press machines where you lay your head back against the pad.  I sat down the other day and was just about to put my head down when the thought entered my head what if the person before me had lice?  lol I promptly stood up and had to pick a different version of the machine.  I just couldn’t do it.  Now the chances that someone there had lice is probably remote but having school age kids myself my thinking has definitely changed.  Pre kids that idea never would have entered my mind.  Isn’t it funny how kids warp your thinking and change how you react to the situations around you?  Also knowing that most people’s gym etiquette is lacking really enhances my germaphobe qualities.  I walked past one machine and it was still glistening with sweat where someone had obviously worked out and then didn’t wipe it down.  Come on ya’ll it takes two seconds to wipe.  I carry two towels with me.  One to put down on the machines so that I don’t touch them with my skin and one to wipe my face.

How has your thinking changed since you had kids?  Are there things you can’t do now because you know just how gross our precious little ones can be?

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