Hard Candy Lash Ink Review

20160427_19322020160427_193336Eye makeup is my favorite to wear.  Some women focus on their lips while others give their eyes more attention.  I’m definitely in the latter group.  They’ve always been my best feature and frankly I tend to be a little lazy with doing my whole face so I spend my time where I’ll get the biggest bang.  I was excited to try the Hard Candy Lash Ink.  I also received Brow Ink. I noticed on the eye lash packaging it stated that the mascara would last 4 days and you could workout, sleep, shower and swim without needing touch ups or having it run down your face.  I decided I was going to put it to the test.

20160428_114409Here I am on day 1.  As you can see I also used a little bit of eye shadow.  I didn’t want to use too much as I wasn’t sure how to remove the rest of my eye make-up without removing the mascara.  The mascara went on nicely and wasn’t too clumpy.

20160429_072911On day 2 the mascara looked exactly the same.  I had slept and just gotten of the shower here. So far I was really impressed.  What I liked immediately about this make-up was the fact that if I didn’t have my act together in the morning I could still drop the kids off at school and my make-up would look put together even if the rest of me was a touch frazzled looking. Since I walk my daughter all of the way into her classroom (at the back of the school) that’s important to me.

20160430_074003Day 3 showed up and I felt the mascara was still holding up great.  I get up most mornings and workout and then shower.  This was a picture of my eyes directly after working out and showering.  My husband was in the bathroom and thought I had lost my mind taking a selfie with my hair still up in a towel. lol

20160502_001839Here is Day 4 and I have just finished working out.  The mascara is still there!  I have to say I was truly impressed.  I was also really ready to wash my eye make up off so I took the pic after working out and before my shower. lol

I have to say I love this mascara.  We spend alot of time out on our local lake on the weekends and through out the summer so this will be my go too make-up.  It won’t let me down or have me looking to crazy out there.

I also received the brow ink.  Here’s this mom being very real with you.  I tried it on and liked the contour it gave my brows. They had a nice feathery look and I could tell would stay in place.  If it was clear I would have loved it and added it to my arsenal.  However it was a dark brown and I already have very dark eye brows.  I also have a lot of blonde highlights so it didn’t look right on me.  I do however see this product working perfectly for women with light eye brows or no eye brows.  My Grandmother would have loved this product.  She had very little in the way of eye brows and what she had was super blonde.  She spent every morning drawing her eyebrows on.  This would have saved her a lot of time and been very pretty on her.  So I would definitely recommend it for ladies with light or very little eyebrows.

You can find Hard Candy online and at most big retail shops like Walmart.


*While I was provided these products for free the opinions above are my own.

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