My Journey With Joint Pain and How it has Effected this Active Mom

crossroads3 years ago this month I noticed my elbow joints were starting to bother me.  They ached and throbbed and I started to really struggle with working out.  I love working out so having something like pain get into the way of that really bothered me.  It made me mad, indignant and sad.  I felt I was too young and healthy for something like this to happen to me. When the pain didn’t go away and started radiating down into my hands and causing numbness I decided I had to take a break and not try to “power through”.  After a year of patiently or not so patiently waiting for my elbows to get better I decided it was time to see a sports medicine Doctor. I fully went in there expecting surgery or something like that to “fix” me.  Put me back together coach I’m ready to play is how I felt.  Instead I got a shrug of the shoulders, a pat on the head and a not sure what’s going on but go home and strengthen up your forearms and it will be fine.  Hmmmm. Not what I was hoping to hear.  Where was my easy fix?  Where was my pill to make it all better?  Why was this happening to me when I was just alittle over my mid 30’s?  I had questions but no answers in sight. My eating started to deteriorate and all of the weight I had lost started to come back.  I grew up in a family who predominately only ate meat and potatoes  and that’s what I started reverting back to.  It was comfort food that made me feel better and was easy.

This January I looked myself in the mirror and realized I was now 20lbs heavier.  All of my hardwork, all of my achievements were long gone.  I knew I had to make a decision. Do I let my injury stop me and eat the way I want to eat or do I get up off of my ass and start eating the way I know I should eat?  I’ll be honest and tell you I almost decided to continue on the path of eating crap and just come to terms with my new body.  I’m the first to tell people that they should love themselves for the way they are and not compare themselves to others.  Maybe it was time for me to do the same.  The one thing that has stopped me from doing that was looking at my daughter.  Unfortunately for my 6 year old she had taken the same path as I did and gained weight.  I realized I couldn’t give up and show her that taking the easy way out was the right thing to do.

So at the beginning of this year I took control of my life and started working out again.  Granted it was all low impact and not very exciting.  My only options for working out are lower impact cardio and swimming as I still can’t put any pressure or body weight on my elbows.  I will admit even though we have a boat and spend a majority of our off time out on a lake, swimming is my least favorite workout.  So every morning I would get up and do Turbo Jam and my Combat kickboxing DVDs.  I felt like a bit of a failure to be honest because I had been doing programs like P90X3, Max 30 and more hardcore activities and here I am doing the modified version of a beginner workout program.  I also started trying to pick up my cleaner eating habits again.  I’m sure you know how hard it is when your body is use to getting sugar, fat and lots of crappy calories to suddenly take that away and start eating veggies, protein and cleaner options.  Why is it so much easier to go from eating clean to junk than junk to clean eating?

Did the pounds start dropping off?  Was I seeing anything for my work?  No I wasn’t.  I had more energy but I still hadn’t lost any weight 5 and half months in.  God it’s hard to keep going when you don’t see the benefits but looking at my daughter keeps me pushing.  During this time other joints have started hurting me also.  I woke up 3 weeks ago and my right wrist was throbbing.  It is finally subsiding but there was no reason for it to hurt.  My ankles complain if I try to bump up my workouts to higher impact and my thigh muscles constantly feel tired and like they have just run a marathon.  What. The. Hell.

While surfing through facebook I saw an Ad by Thomas Delauer claiming to have a 7 day diet plan to help inflammation in the body.  I normally don’t try the Facebook ads because I feel most of them are scams but for some reason I decided to give it a try.  It was only 7 days and it was basically just an elimination diet (and it was only about $17 lol).  You went back to eating the basics and added vitamins like Tumeric, Fish Oil and a Probiotic.  I joined his private Facebook group and went for it. I will say listening to others in the group discuss losing 9 – 10 lbs was hard as I lost a whole 2 lbs BUT I do feel so much better.  I noticed a change in my pain level and I finally had some energy. I would definitely look him up if you are struggling like I am.

Last month a woman who I knew 9 years ago when I lived in Texas came up and reintroduced herself to me on our kids soccer field. We had been apart of the same Mom’s club there and our son’s had played together. Talk about a small world. We got to talking and she mentioned her health issues. I listened and got very interested in the fact that our bodies were doing similar things.  We both ache, have low energy, suffer from weight gain etc.  The difference between us was that she had found a Naturalist Doctor and was on the path to recovery.  The Doctor tested her full thyroid panel and not just one aspect of it as most “Modern Medicine” Doctors do. Her thyroid was in desperate need of help and she was now receiving it. I found out where she went and made an appointment.

Yesterday I went and the doctor spent over an hour with me going over every aspect of what makes me me.  I have never discussed so many personal aspects of my life with anyone other than my husband and had them truly listen.  She seemed to really care.  She suggested immediate items I could take action on like taking my allergy medicine at night since it could be causing some of the tired feeling I’ve been dealing with during the day.  She also suspects I may suffer from leaky gut and glucose intolerance.  She said the foods I was putting into my body could be causing it to fight itself;  hence the achy joints, etc. She also had a full thyroid panel test run and a food allergy test done via blood. This will tell what food is leaking out of my gut into my blood causing issues.

While most of my results will be in next week my blood test for food allergies won’t be in for 4-5 weeks so I decided to wait and hear all of the results together.   I will start adding vitamin D and continue to clean up my diet while I wait.

So will I receive a little pill that will make me all better?  I doubt it. The most I can hope for is help for my thyroid but the rest will be up to me I imagine with learning how to eat with a glucose intolerance and leaky gut.  I can honestly tell you I’m afraid of what foods I may find out I can no longer eat but I’m also afraid they won’t find any and I’ll be left still not knowing what’s wrong with me.  What I do know is that I now have someone who is willing to listen and take me seriously. I’m hoping my story will help other mom’s out there and maybe we can support eachother on this long journey.  So here’s to finding a good recipes and food that don’t contain glucose.  I’ll continue posting about my journey

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