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Zim’s Max Arnica Bruises and Strains Review

20160613_3I received Zim’s Max Arnica Bruises and Strains Roll On Homeopathic Medicine.  I have problems with my joints but still want to lead an active lifestyle.  I’m sure I’m not alone with this issue.  On top of that I just recently moved into an apartment from our house while we are waiting for our new house to be built.  We moved all of our own stuff instead of hiring movers so you can imagine the amount of aches and pains I was dealing with due to that.  I pulled out my Zim’s and planned on rolling it on just on my biceps which were screaming.  The help was immediate after rolling it on.  It worked so well I started rolling it all over my back and then my knees and so on.  Instead of having to take over the counter pain meds I found relief with this natural remedy.

I looked up Arnica on Wikipedia and found out it’s a yellow flower used by alot of professional athletes for bruises and strains.  How neat is that?  I love natural options for health options.  I always prefer that when available over chemicals.

20160613_4I love how easy it is to apply Zim’s Max Arnica.  Since it’s a roll on I can put it on just about any part of my body by myself.  It’s also really affordable which makes this a perfect product. It has a light minty smell so it’s very pleasant to wear. You don’t need a lot so it will last for quite awhile.

You can find Zim’s on their website and they have alot of great sales going on so I would definitely check them out.

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