The Best Mixers for Summer Gatherings

cranberry__83561.1357304945.220.290Summer is in the air and I know that you’re planning those weekend gatherings. Whether you’ve got kids graduating from high school or you just love having big barbecues with your friends, you’ll want to provide everyone with the best refreshments. I tend to gravitate towards things that are a little different, and that includes mixers for alcohol.

Make it Healthier
Soda is a quick and easy mixer, but it’s not very healthy for you. Sparkling water is a better choice, and it has a decidedly metropolitan feel that you’ll appreciate. My friends may laugh when I offer them some sparkling water with their hard alcohol, but they love the taste and ask for seconds.

Go Ginger
Spicy ginger beer is actually a fermented soda, and it’s the perfect addition to brown liquors like bourbon and dark rum. The sweet flavor appeals to me, and even guys will like the strong taste that stands out from the regular choices.

Fruity Choices
I love the fruity flavors, but I worry about the calories in most fruit drinks. Luckily, a friend introduced me to the VLiNG mixers. They’re low in calories, high in taste, and perfect for most alcoholic drinks. Choose the citrus or cranberry pomegranate flavors to keep your guests happy when they want to give something a hint of fruit without going overboard on the calories.

Fast and Easy Mixers
You don’t have to spend a ton of money to throw a fabulous party. I know that there are times when my budget’s a little tight and I just need something more economical. In this case, you really can’t go wrong with basic mixers from the store. Your sour mix is used for all types of drinks, including amaretto sours and, whiskey sours. Grenadine is a pomegranate-flavored syrup that will make any concoction a little sweeter. Finally, make sure you always have a bottle of vermouth on hand. Slip in some gin for a martini, add bourbon for a Manhattan, and toss in some scotch to serve up a Rob Roy.

You can easily turn your place into the gathering spot for the summer and beyond. While you may spend your days decorating the patio to make it more inviting, you can spend your evenings relaxing with friends and enjoying the warm weather. If you have these mixers on hand, you’ll be ready for all types of events, and you can keep all of your guests happy.

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