Review of LotFancy Women’s Resin Sunglasses #LotFancy #Sunglasses

20160617_161343I wear sunglasses all of the time when I go outside because my eyes are sensitive to the light.  Right before going on a beach trip this summer I found these glasses and thought they would be perfect for our beach trip.  I figured if I lost them in the ocean or on the beach no big deal, however they fit so well that wasn’t an issue at all.  The glasses are LotFancy and you can find them on Amazon.  They come in either black or white and you can choose whether you want polarized lenses or normal.  I always get black frames and non polarized so this time I chose something new and different.  I went for white frames and polarized and wow what a difference.  I put them on at the beach and couldn’t believe how different everything looked.  I could see clearly into the ocean and see the different hues of the beach water.  It was so pretty!

20160619_11435220160617_161404One thing I love about these glasses are how big they are.  They really cover my face and protect my skin.  On the side of the glasses they have a cute silver design which gives it a little bling and sparkle.  I can be very girly and love stuff like that.

They have resin frames and composite lens.  The glasses also fit amazingly well.  They never slipped down my nose like my expensive prescription glasses do all of the time.  They were perfect in the water and on the beach.  The waves were pretty rough and the glasses held tight.  These are my go to glasses for when I go to the pool, lake or ocean.  I’m around water alot so these are wonderful.

Here’s a quick video I did so that you can see them in action.

I received these glasses free of charge for review but all opinions above are my own.

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  1. Those sunglasses look really nice. I need to get some new ones soon because my old ones are pretty scratched up. Thanks for the review.

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