Hi, My name is Kristina and I have a 4 year old boy and a 1 year old daughter. Me and the KiddosTheir names are Levi and Nola and they keep me hopping. I’ve been really fortunate to be able to stay at home with them and watch them grow.

I love clipping coupons and finding amazing deals. I have been sharing the deals I find with my family and friends for years. Some of my computer savvy pals kept suggesting that I start a blog or website and I have finally listened.

My other reason for starting this blog is to try to hold myself accountable for working out. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I really don’t live for working out so I need some way to stay motivated. I really like to Mt bike and run but it seems easy to find reasons or excuses to not go out. Hopefully with this blog and your encouragement those excuses will go away!

Kristina and LeviHere’s a little bit about my family. Levi was born with a Cleft palate and has had several surgeries. He is a very active and is an effervescent boy. He started preschool this year and has really come into his own. He loves to fish with his Daddy and cook with me. It’s really neat to have him help me make dishes and desserts. Maybe he’ll be the next Emeril or Bobby Flay! Either way he’s going to be quite a catch for some girl (says his biased mother).

NolaNola has as much energy as Levi but displays it in a very feminine way. I’m amazed at how stereotypical both are without me trying to influence it one way or the other. She is sweet and really loves purses and SHOES!

My husband is really wonderful. We’ve been married for over 8 years after only dating for 6 weeks. I think alot of family and friends assumed we must be pregnant to get married so quickly but the fact was we just knew we were right for eachother. We figured why wait when we know it’s right!! We still encourage eachother and are great support for one another. Jeff and Kristina

I feel blessed to have such a wonderful life and family. I hope you enjoy my blog and find good deals on here. If you’re looking for support with working out drop me a note and we’ll work on it together. Leave me a comment and let me know you’ve stopped by!


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