New Group for Runners – Only the Coolest Place Ever!

If you’re a memeber of Bloggy Moms or are thinking about joining I would highly recommend it. It’s a great place to ask blog problem questions, promote your blog or just to socialize. However the main reason you should become a member (it’s free) is to join the new group I created called Running Moms. 😉 […]

Slow and Steady Finishes The Race

Slow and Steady Finishes The Race

I did my first 5K of the season this morning. It was a balmy 43 degrees and it threatened to rain the whole time. Luckily it held off until the rewards ceremony. I woke up just about every hour and looked at the clock to see if it was time to get up yet. Finally […]

Can Weight Training Be Aerobic?

I believe it can. Now let me start by saying that I’m not a trainer and the only expertise I bring to the table is my own experience. With that being said, here’s my two cents. I know alot of woman kind of shy away from weight training b/c they don’t want to bulk up, […]

Hot! New Offer Free Hair Color From John Frieda

John Frieda is offering a free box of their hair color treatment. “Like” John Frieda on Facebook and then click on the “Salon Precise-Colour” tab, and click on the “Complete Survey” link at the bottom. Fill out a survey to see if you qualify for a FREE Box of Precision Foam Hair Color! I just […]

I’m Doing My First 5K of The Season This Saturday!

I’m already nervous. My first 5K of the season is Saturday. It’s a local race at a park, called Kernersville 5K. I signed up both my husband and myself so we planned on pushing the kids in their strollers. Unfortunately my husband hurt his knee playing soccer so now it will just be me running. […]

Saturday’s Splurge and My Recovery Plan

As you know I’ve been counting calories and watching what I’m eating. I’ve been doing better and better and making healthier choices but Saturday I ate most of my favorite foods and just went crazy. It all started when my husband wanted to go to Denny’s “for a real breakfast”. I guess he was tired […]

Free Ebook Cookbooks from Mr. Food!

If you like cookbooks you can take advantage of this free deal. You have to sign up for his enewsletter to be able to download the cookbooks. He has these 3 to offer: I’m sure you should be able to download them all after signing up once but if it gives you any trouble just […]

New Coupons from

Here are the newest coupons from *contains an affiliate link. Thanks!.

Day Light Savings Time, My Work Out and Random Thoughts

I have a love-hate relationship with day light savings time. On one hand I love that it stays light longer. It will allow my husband time to get home and for us to go bike riding in the evenings. That was when I really got into shape after my first child. Running in the morning and […]

I’m 0 For 2 with My Healthier Meals with My Family

I’m 0 For 2 with My Healthier Meals with My Family

Well, I’ve been trying to eat better this week as many of you know. I read Hungry Girl Original Cookbook. A lot of the recipes sounded doable and pretty good. I had a bunch of tomatoes that I worried were about to go bad so I decided to try to make her Her Spicy Tomato […]

WOW!! Gap $25 off $50 Mobile Coupon!

This is pretty neat if you like/love shopping at Gap. Right now if you click here and give them your mobile number you will get a code  sent via text for a coupon. You’ll be able to get $50 worth of clothing and only have to spend $25. This offer is good in-store only from […]

Week #2 Free Stuff from Local Stores

As mentioned on week #1 these items should be 100% free with the coupon. They’re not the “free” items you get with ECB or stuff like that.  I will be breaking my rule about not listing Rite Aid. They are just having lots of good deals this week. Target Goodlife Recipe Food for Cats (Single […]

Free Box of John Frieda’s New Foam Hair Color

Free Box of John Frieda’s New Foam Hair Color

I love John Frieda shampoos and conditioners so I’m hoping this will be good also. Either way it’s free and that’s hard to beat! 😉 Just fill out their form and they’ll send you a voucher for a free box in about 8 weeks. I got mine this morning but I’ll warn you their site […]

Calorie Counter- How many calories I ate Sunday

After my post Friday about trying to figure out why I’m not losing tons of weight I decided to start counting calories. I figure it’s the only way to find out if something in my diet needs to be revamped or if I’m where I should be and it’s just going to take time. Here […]

HURRY! HOT! Beauty Bag Full of Samples Free

HURRY! HOT! Beauty Bag Full of Samples Free

I have to imagine these are going to go quickly although it doesn’t say a limit. Target is giving away a bag full of beauty product samples plus a cute little bag worth over $25. Just click the Target link and fill out your info. I just got mine at 4:15pm EST. Thanks The Frugal […]

My Work Out Isn’t Working Out

Something about my work out or diet isn’t working for losing weight, infact I’m up 1 1/2 pounds.  I go to the gym 3 times a week and work my ass off. Literally with as hard as I work I expect to look in the mirror and see no ass.  Obviously that’s not the case. […]

My Mistakes at the Gym Today

My first mistake at the gym today was that I forgot my music. Don’t you hate when you do that? What really sucked about forgetting my music is that today is my running day. I was on a treadmill in the back of the gym and couldn’t even really hear the building’s music. Although, to […]

Free Pancakes at IHOP today!!

Free Pancakes at IHOP today!!

Join IHOP on Tuesday, March 1, 2011, 7 a.m. – 10 p.m., for National Pancake Day and receive one complimentary short stack!* In return for the free flapjacks, we ask you to consider leaving a little something behind for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and other designated local charities. Thanks to our guests’ generosity, IHOP raised […]

Do Friends Help Or Hurt You at the Gym?

I’ve often ponder this question. I will say I workout alone. I’m pretty no-nonsense when I go to the gym. I have a limited amount of time and I want to get it done. I may be getting a buddy here soon because my hot yoga friend Carina, is suppose to be joining my gym […]

How to Pick a Mountain Bike and Not Go Broke Doing It

How to Pick a Mountain Bike and Not Go Broke Doing It

A couple of years ago I got my first mountain Bike. It’s a Gary Fisher Tassajara. If you click on the link you’ll see it’s a sexy beast with a price tag of $1149. Ouch. Did my Tassajara cost anywhere near that? Nope. Mine was around $300. I fully believe in buying used. My bike […]

Eversave is giving Facebook Fans a Chance to Win Prizes and a $3 credit

Eversave is giving Facebook Fans a Chance to Win Prizes and a $3 credit

Eversave is hosting a Facebook Fan Appreciation Week starting today. You will be able to win prizes like an ipad, $100 and $150 in Save Rewards. They are also offering a $3 promo code for today only; which is “FAN“.  Make sure to fan them on Facebook and check back everyday to win prizes.  Good […]

A New Week, A New Mile, A New Work Out Post!

A New Week, A New Mile, A New Work Out Post!

Last week I was not feeling well so I missed Wed and Friday at the gym. I did manage to walk for a mile Thursday while my son was doing speech therapy but as I found out this morning that really doesn’t take the place of going to the gym. I felt crummy enough that […]

Vistaprint is offering 250 Free Business Cards

Vistaprint is offering 250 Free Business Cards = 250 Free Place Cards = 250 Free Emergency Contact Cards = 250 Free Networking Cards and so much more! Get creative and make 250 free cards into wallet sized impromptu thank you notes, Choose from 45 designs and add your own text to make the cards work […]

Healthy Smoothies for the Kiddos and Me

As you know, I’ve been trying to eat better to go along with my working out. It can be a challenge for me and the kids b/c none of us really like cooked veggies. I know it’s bad but what can I say, I come from a long line of meat and potato eaters. Unlike […]

Slimfast Chocolate Royale 24 cans $13.38 Shipped!

Slimfast Chocolate Royale 24 cans $13.38 Shipped!

This is a really good deal through Amazon right now for Slimfast. If you order 2 24 pack of the Slimfast Optima 11oz ready to drink cans you can get them for $13.38 shipped. You will have to sign up for subscribe and save to receive 15% off the price and then use promo code […]

Free Products From Stores – Week 1

OK, I think I’m going to start a new weekly post listing what free items you can get from what stores. This won’t include the reward programs that say “it’s just like getting it for free” b/c they give you money to use for your next trip. These will be flat out free NOW. I’m […]

Mountain Biking At Last

Mountain Biking At Last

We finally had a nice weekend! It got close to 60 Sunday so my hubby and I dusted off our mountain bikes and went for a ride. It was amazing. I love my bike and have really missed her. You may roll your eyes but when you find a bike that really fits you she […]

Get Your Free Organic Baby Shampoo and Lotion

Fill Out An Easy Form Here to get your Free Sample of Baby-Barn Baby Body and Hair Wash & Soft Skin Baby Lotion. Your sample will contain (2) 2.5 oz bottles of Organic, All-Natural, Certified Vegan baby products! USA residents only. While supplies last. Thanks Mom Always Finds Out.

Running on Empty

My workout was hard this morning. So hard I ended up leaving before I had completely finished my normal routine. The problem started last night when I didn’t have a proper dinner. It was one of those nights where I just didn’t know what I wanted to eat. My husband was working late so I […]

More New Coupons from

Here are some more new coupons. Thanks!! $1.00 off Glade Premium Room Spray (9.7-oz) $1.00 off Glade PlugIns Scented Gel refill $3.00 off Glade PlugIns Holder $1.00 off Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator $0.75 off Nestle Crunch or Butterfinger hearts $1.00 off Glade Sense & Spray refills $1.00 off Glade PlugIns Scented Gel warmer […]

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