Walmart Black Friday Ad!

Walmart was the main place I did Black Friday last year b/c they price matched.  My husband and I naively went to Toys R Us about 1/2 hour before they were to open and after seeing the line wrapped around the building didn’t even get out of their car. Luckily I had their ad flyer and some other stores so we headed to Walmart. I had heard they priced matched and sure enough they did. They had a lot of good deals on their own but there were a few things like Leap Frog and it’s games that Target and Toys R Us had better deals on. 

How it worked at my Walmart last year was that they had all their biggest BF deals on palates wrapped in the syran wrap type stuff.  They also had cops patrolling to make sure you didn’t start opening the palates before midnight when their BF started.  It was a bit crazy but amazingly we got everything on our list plus a few extra things. I will def do their BF again. It was kind of fun talking to people and hearing what they were hoping to get. 

If you want to find more BF deals you can check this site but I will be providing most of the big stores on my site.

Walmart Black Friday 2011 Ad

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