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brilliant whiteI received the Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening system in the past and loved it.  I was super excited because my teeth have always had a tint of yellow. Add being a Southern girl who loves coffee and tea and it’s a bad combination.  The system comes with whitening gel, a mouth guard and LED light.  You can use both the LED light and the trays together or just use the trays. I used both for 30 mins most days for a week and saw, I think, a considerable difference. I can’t wait to see what my teeth will be like after a longer review time.

It’s super easy to use this product. I use the gel and make sure I cover my whole tooth. Then you put in the mouth guard. Finally turn on the light and put it in your mouth. It’s not too uncomfortable once you get use to it which only took about 2 minutes the first time I used it. I will say it is super unattractive to use the light in your mouth so I made sure to do it when I was alone. ;) You can use the system for 20 mins to up to 2 hours. I did 30 minute segments.

20140228_9This time I received the custom fit trays.  It literally took less than 5 minutes for me to go through the process of using the clay mixture to take an imprint of my teeth and then I dropped the casting into the mail and within a week I had my trays that fit perfectly in my mouth.  They are wonderful. You can wear them for 30 minutes to 2 hours.  I usually do 30 minutes.  They come with 2 gels one to desensitize your teeth and one to whiten your teeth. Each tube last several whitening events.  I have been using them a week and have noticed a huge difference in my color without any teeth pain or uncomfortable tingling.

Both are great systems and give you wonderful results!

I really liked this whitening system and def would recommend it. Now onto the exciting part for you! Smile Brilliant has offered to give one of these awesome non customized teeth whiting systems away to one of my readers!!

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